Copyright 2012, Judy L. Moore

Romney's Allegiance is to his pocketbook
Making his money by "Hook or by Crook"

A true patriot to this country, he fails the test
He's a Self-Serving Republican--a businessman at best

The Corporate games Romney knows how to play
Outsourcing jobs accounts for the Federal Taxes he doesn't pay

Into Swiss Banks and the Cayman Islands, Romney's money goes
He's an American outsider--this is the path he chose

Republican Filibusters have resulted in lost jobs
Romney's main benefit are to the Corporate Elitists with whom he hobnobs

Like a race to a goal post, Romney's money accumulates
He's a Self-Serving Republican running for the United States

Up the taxes on our Middle-Class, cut billions aimed for the Injured Vets
The more you study Romney's "plan," the worse it get

Obama will win, if the American voters keep score
Romney's "plan" makes further cuts to the disabled and the poor

Romney's Agenda does not include our planet's health and it's healing
Yet, BRAVO to the CORPORATE POLLUTERS, their greed, and their wealing and dealing

He's a high profile individual who will not address our pressing concerns
As Americans, we are entitled to see more of his tax returns

Corporations are people, Mitt Romney has said
Vote for Romney, if you want to be misled

Many Corporations have become corrupt "free loaders"
How appealing can that be to the American voters

Does Romney sound like a patriotic American with our best interests at heart?
Vote for Obama, and play it smart