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Providing significant and timely cost-benefits to clients...
Experience in the Distribution, Utility and Health Care Industries.
Effective communication skills in both end-user and technical environments.
Effective user of software engineering tools.
Strong background in COBOL, CICS, DB2, SAS and IMS/DB (DL/1), and experience in client-server
applications, cross-platform interfaces and systems programming.

Large IBM Mainframes, PCs, Macintosh.


TSO, ISPF Dialog Manager, CLIST, Rexx.
ChangeMan, BMC DB2 Tools, FileAid, Platinum DB2 tool, Xpediter.

OS/2, Windows/NT, VisualAge SmallTalk, MicroFocus COBOL, Workstation CICS,
XDB, ADW (AllFusion), HTML, DHTML, JavaScript,

TestDirector, Remedy, Vantive, Lotus Notes/SameTime.

Accenture (Andersen Consulting): DCS (Distribution Control System)
Alliance Data Sysems: ConneXt/ConsumerLinX (CIS)
FairIsaac: HNC/Falcon
Trizetto: Erisco/ClaimFacts


Airborne ExpressAirborne Express
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7/02 - 1/03
Developed QMF queries and reports to support Sales Channel Management. Used statistical
analysis to produce alerts of Customers, or Sales Channels, needing Sales attention. Used
Standard Deviation functions in SQL, COBOL and SAS. Formatted the reports for easy import
to Excel Spreadsheets. The reports improved Sales Force direction, reducing customer
attrition and keeping customer shipping volumes at levels qualifying customers for discounted
shipping rates.

Contact: Michael Britt

1/02 - 7/02
Developed the Weekly Service Fee CICS/DB2 maintenance and lookup applications. Timely delivery
of the first phase of the project allowed capture of significant weekly service fee revenue,
before full roll-out of the system.

Contact: Erick Nelson

6/01 - 1/02
Developed procedures for building and updating a DB2 Data Warehouse from legacy data.
The programs were batch COBOL with IMS/DB for the legacy extracts, and DB2 for the Data
Warehouse load processes. Developed data validation processes using SAS to summarize and
to compare and balance the legacy data with the DB2 data. Designed QMF reporting procedures.

Contact: Lisa Reinitz

11/00 - 6/01
Developed a system for tracking Consolidated Distributions (shipments to USA consignees
bundled together in a single shipment from an international customer). Supported the
Automated Export System and International Express Systems.

Contact: Scott Hanson, Charles Medley

2/99 - 12/99
Developed an International EDI system. The system both accepts data from International
Trading Partners, for update to the Mainframe data bases, and creates data files, for
download to the Trading Partners.

Contact: Gladys Church

2/96 - 9/96
Wrote routines to translate international shipment data (prefixed by field-IDs or FIDs),
transmitted from PCs running a Windows application, called Lightship Shipper, to the
mainframe. Developed enhancements to the International Airbill Entry and
Workplace Productivity Reporting systems.

Contact: Paula Rasmussen

1/89 - 9/91
Developed applications in both the financial and marketing areas. Managed projects.
Interacted directly with the client's user personnel in defining requirements, estimating
projects, developing test plans and writing user manuals. Developed a
re-invoicing/re-rating system, a marketing materials tracking system and a rate scale
maintenance system (using base rates and formulas to generate rates to replace
manual entry of rates). Maintained the client's rating and discounting programs.

Contact: Brad Garst.

HNC SoftwareHNC Software HNC SoftwareFair Isaac
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4/00 - 9/00
Made enhancements to HNC's Falcon CICS fraud detection software. Researched alternative mainframe connectivity options and made recommendations for future releases of the software.

Contact: James Kleba

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5/95 - 2/96
Supported organizational reengineering. Consolidated product availability checking
in a callable module. Fixed systems software problems.

Contact: Joyce Louvar.

Developed the infrastructure for Mainframe faxing using AIFP's HostFAX server.
Wrote routines to compress documents, so an entire document could be transmitted
to the Fax Server in a single CICS Send. Worked with the vendor to de-bug
problems in communication between the IBM MVS mainframe and the Unix Fax

Contact: Steve Gremminger.

9/91 - 1/93
Supported implementation of Andersen Consulting's Distribution Control System
(DCS). Defined the client's unit-of-measure-conversion and pricing requirements and
enhanced the software to meet those requirements. Enhanced the DCS systems
software. Made performance improvements to both batch and on-line processes.
Used SAS to produce tools for the programming staff (such as conversation,
program, screen and transaction cross-references), and to diagnose system

Contact: Charles Rice.

SoftselSoftsel Computer Products, Inc.
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10/87 - 2/88
Softsel operated a three-tiered client-server environment (before those terms were
in use). Developed a background task (started at CICS initialization time and
re-started every half-hour) to warn the operator when product orders were not
transmitted from any of the remote PC sales networks to the CICS system.
Maintained and enhanced a purchasing, accounts payable, inventory, sales,
distribution & accounts receivable system (CAMBAR).

Contact: Martine Sloan.

Paramount PicturesParamount Pictures
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2/86 - 9/87
Developed applications in both the financial and marketing areas. Developed a
product information and licensing system (Television), customer, market and
salesperson maintenance applications, and a cash receivables accounting system.
Developed testing utilities for the programming staff, such as database extract and
load and on-line inquiry utilities.

Contact: Louise Graham.

Connext ConnextConnext PSEPuget Sound Energy
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9/96 - 2/99
Created the Messaging and Queueing infrastructure for updating two legacy systems as
transactions complete on a client-server application. Participated in the full SDLC
development of a client-server Customer Information Service application. Utilized Cool:Gen
for data modeling, and VisualAge SmallTalk for User Interface design. Designed Unit Processes
(callable modules), Defined Messages and Records for communication between the PC and Mainframe
platforms, did "Wiring" (visual programming) of the PC objects to the Mainframe objects, and
developed COBOL, CICS, DB2 programs (using both the MicroFocus and Mainframe environments).
Conducted system testing. Created test plans, and served in the role of Diagnoser, assigning
modifications to Fixers, and in the role of Fixer. Lead a team of 6 developers responsible for
creating the Pricing and Recurring Tasks Calendar portions of the system.

Contact: Mike King

2/94 - 5/95
Provided Technical Architecture and Development Support for a Client-Server application.
Supported a workstation development environment consisting of OS/2, CICS/OS2,
Communication Manager/2, XDB, ADW (COOL:Gen) and MicroFocus COBOL, and a Mainframe environment
consisting of COBOL-II, CICS/ESA, DB2 and Platinum tools (including RC/Query, RC/Update).

Contact: Mike King

9/93 - 2/94
Developed programs in support of a power outage tracking system. Programs
were written in COBOL-II, Command-Level CICS, DB2 and DL/1.

Contact: Ernie Willard, Doug Sankwich.

9/88 - 1/89
Developed a credit collections system, requiring high productivity under a tight

Contact: Doug Sankwich.

SBWSBW Consulting
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7/93 - 9/93
Developed SAS/PC programs in support of a study of energy usage in multi-family
buildings. Used SAS macros to allow unattended execution of long-running SAS

Contact: Jeff Romberger.

AirTouchVerizon Wireless
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5/93 - 7/93
Evaluated performance and cost-benefits of alternative systems for capturing
duplicate cellular telephone call billing records. Developed prototype batch jobs
utilizing VSAM and SHISAM databases and ran the jobs against production data.
Wrote reporting programs.

Contact: Angelika Gaylord, Julie Madar.

RegencePierce County Medical PremeraBlue Cross of Washington & Alaska
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1/93 - 4/93 Pierce County Medical
Developed a problem tracking system using ISPF and SAS. Managed the
migration of batch jobs to acceptance testing and volume testing environments.
Used SAS to produce job elapsed-time statistics from $AVRS data.

Contact: Nina Lungo.

5/88 - 9/88 Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska
Developed programs to capture beneficiaries' contributions toward their catastrophic
cost-share limits.

Contact: Jim Ponsart.

KaiserKaiser Permanente of Southern California
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7/03 -
Developed processes in support of new lower-cost Health Plan offerings, featuring
selection of deductible and co-payment levels. Enhanced the Trizetto ClaimFacts
software package.

Contact: Vida E Brice

2/78 - 9/85
Supported the PCS/ADS system. Automated DASD management. Developed
utilities for the IMS DB/DC Data Dictionary. Developed JCL PROCs for IMS
utilities and for IMS SMU-II utilities. Developed ISPF Dialog Manager applications.
Assisted programmers in the design of IMS and VSAM data bases, and in the
definition, backup and recovery of IMS data bases and VSAM clusters. Wrote
Assembler Language programs to read the VSAM catalogs (including ICF catalogs):
the programs were used in conjunction with SAS programs and ISPF Dialog
Manager applications to automate DASD management, the conversion from 3350
to 3380 DASD, and the conversion to ICF catalogs.

Developed an office supplies inventory and tracking system for the IBM PC.

Performed on-line literature searching for the planning and support staff using
DIALOG, BRS & MEDLINE and for the health-care staff using MEDLINE.

Contact: Janemarie A Lee

The Bon MarchéThe Bon Marché
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2/88 - 5/88
Designed a database of retail sales transactions, using DB2. Developed a batch
sales adjustment and returns validation system using COBOL and DB2 and an
on-line departmental discount maintenance application, using TELON and DB2.

Contact: Mark Yoshimi.

Becker & HayesBecker & Hayes, Inc.
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1/75 - 9/76
Wrote an explanation of the technical innovations of the ARPANET for non-technical
readers. Compiled a bibliography of the ARPANET and produced a library of the
documents on microfiche.

Contact: Joseph Becker

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4/93-5/93 United Olympic Life Insurance Company
Modified batch Assembler programs to do searching and table look-ups in support
of reporting requirements.

Contact: Darlene Hill.

9/85-2/86 Automated Processing & Development (a banking services company)
Designed & developed an on-line security system. The system authorizes
applications based on a combination of the operator's and the terminal's profiles.
The system includes applications for maintaining the security profiles. The
documentation and user's guide were written on a Macintosh using Microsoft Word
and MacDraw.

Contact: Henry Garcia.

Amherst College, Pre-Engineering.
University of Hawaii, Master's Degree in Library & Information Sciences.
University College, London, Post-Graduate studies.
UCLA, Certificate in Applications Programming.
Numerous training courses in Database, CICS, OOP, SmallTalk and other
technical topics.

Jim Faryar